Pictures and updates made in 2007...

9 December 2007: "MSC Togo" in Liverpool

On 9 December 2007 I noticed the "MSC Togo" transiting from Gladstone Lock to Seaforth Containerterminal in Liverpool. As I have sailed on this ship (it is the former "Nedlloyd Zeelandia"), I walked over to take the following pictures:

MSC TogoMSC TogoMSC TogoMSC Togo

1 December 2007: "Westmed II" assisted by tugs in Liverpool

On the 1st of December 2007 I noticed the containership "Westmed II", assisted by 3 Smit tugs, the "Smit Collingwood", "Smit Liverpool" and "Smit Donau". Here are some pictures:

Smit CollingwoodSmit CollingwoodSmit LiverpoolSmit Liverpool

29 November 2011: "Percuil" and "Ankorva" in Falmouth

On 29 November 2011 the "Norbank" left the drydock in Falmouth to resume the Liverpool-Dublin service. On departure we were assisted by the local tugs "Percuil" and "Ankorva", of which I took some pictures:

PercuilAnkorvaPercuil & AnkorvaAnkorva

26 August 2007: "Ashgarth" assisting "Independent Pursuit" in Liverpool

On 26 August 2007 the containership "Independent Pursuit" departed Seaforth Container Terminal for Gladstone Lock. She was assisted by the tug "Ashgarth":


24 July 2007: "Smit Trafalgar" in Liverpool

Here some nice pictures of the former Adsteam-tug "Trafalgar", since the takeover by Smit now called "Smit Trafalgar".

Smit TrafalgarSmit TrafalgarSmit TrafalgarSmit Trafalgar

17 July 2007: "Svitzer Stanlow" on the Mersey River

On 17 July 2007, when leaving Liverpool and sailing down the Mersey River, we overtook the brand-new "Svitzer Stanlow", which made for some nice pictures:

Svitzer StanlowSvitzer StanlowSvitzer StanlowSvitzer Stanlow

20 June 2007: Liverpool tugs in new Smit colours

On 20 June 2007 I had a nice opportunity to photograph some former Adsteam tugs in their new Smit colours! "Smit Liverpool" is the former "Bramley Moore", and "Smit Canada" is of course the former "Canada".