Pictures and updates made in 2008...

21 November 2008: Windy day in Europoort

November 21 2008 was a windy day in Europoort. I noticed 2 tugs assisting the Pride of Rotterdam during arrival, and as soon as they were finished I awaited them passing by the European Trader... with these photos as a result.

Smit Elbe & Fairplay 24Smit ElbeFairplay 24Fairplay 24

24 & 26 October 2008: More Teesport Tugs

On the 24th and 26th of October I took some more nice pictures in Teesport. Here's a selection of them.

Coatham CrossSvitzer RedbridgeSvitzer SunMaersk Assister

8 September 2008: Various ships in Zeebrugge

On 8 September 2008 I was lucky, a great opportunity to photograph some ships in Zeebrugge. Here they are!

Norcape & ArcadiaNorcapeArcadiaBlue Star 1

9 August 2008: Teesport Tugs

In August 2008 the "European Trader" was re-deployed to the Europoort-Teesport service. Here you can see some tugs operating in Teesport. This day they were assisting the tanker "Thornbury".

Phoenix CrossOrmesby CrossSvitzer BootleFiery Cross

July 2008: Cruiseships in Zeebrugge

During July 2008, I took these photos of cruiseships visiting Zeebrugge. The 19th of July was special, as the "Queen Elizabeth II" and "Queen Victoria" were in Zeebrugge together. This was only a few days before the "Queen Elizabeth II" ended her "Farewell Cruise".

18 May 2008: SMS Tugs in Hull

On 18 May 2008 I took these photo's of the "Trueman" and "Yeoman", assisting a "Bank" liner on arrival in King George Dock, Hull. These are "SMS Tugs", based in King George Dock, Hull.


21-22 March 2008: Svitzer tugs in Fredericia, Denmark

In March 2008 I travelled to Denmark to join the European Trader, a new (well, 30 years old, so not so new) vessel for P&O North Sea Ferries. In Fredericia I found the "Svitzer Menja" and "Svitzer Mjølner". The "Svitzer Menja" assisted us as we departed Fredericia, as you can see on the last 2 photos.

February 2008: Tugs in King George Dock, Hull

During February 2008 I photographed these tugs working in King George Dock, in Hull.

Svitzer EllerbyLloydsmanHT SabreYeoman