Pictures and updates made in 2010...

28 October 2010: "Maersk Lancer" and some German tugs

On 28 October 2010 the "Maersk Lancer" was docked in Teesport again, this time with some unusual visitors in front of her. 2 German tugs, one from Bremen, and one from Hamburg.

Bugsier 3 & JaderMaersk LancerBugsier 3 & JadeBugsier 3, Jade & Maersk Lancer


30 September 2010: Some Teesport ships

30 September 2010 was a busy day in Teesport, and the weather was also cooperating. Here are some pictures I took as the "European Trader" entered port and approached her berth:

Svitzer SunBeluga MumbaiSkandi SkoltenEilbek

19 September 2010: "Union Hawk" passing Terneuzen

On 19 September we found out the brand-new "Union Hawk" would be passing Terneuzen on her way to Antwerp, for her naming ceremony. Here are some of the pictures we took that day:

Union HawkUnion HawkUnion Hawk

7 September 2010: "Skandi Skolten" in Teesport

In September 2010 the "Skandi Skolten" was docked in Teesport for a few days, possibly for some repairs and modifications. Here are some of the pictures I took:

361 tons???The BridgeFast Rescue BoatA large crane and large helideck.

15 August 2010: "Union Ruby" in Zeebrugge

It was pretty windy in Zeebrugge on August 15th, so the "Scottish Viking" used one tugboat on arrival. Here are some pictures of the "Union Ruby" in action:

Union Ruby.....assisting Scottish Zeebrugge....on August 15th!

10 August 2010: "Far Sovereign" in Teesport

Another offshore-vessel docked in Teesport for maintenance, this time the "Far Sovereign". Here are some pictures:

7 August 2010: "Olympic Zeus" in Teesport

A few months ago it was the "Olympic Hera" docked in Teesport, now it is the sistership "Olympic Zeus". Including one giant crane on deck...

A giant craneNorwegian FlagGiant winchPowerful ship!

15 July 2010: "Maersk Lancer" in Teesport

On 15 July 2010 I found the "Maersk Lancer" docked in Teesport. Some work was being done on the aft ship, including the installation of some kind of diving rig??? Anyway, it made for some nice pictures.

Maersk LancerThe BridgeConstructionThe stern

22 June 2010: "Smit Sandon" in Liverpool

On 22 June 2010 the "Smit Sandon" entered Gladstone Lock just as the Norbank left... ideal opportunity for some pictures as you see. This is the former "Schelde 20", working in Antwerp before.

Smit Sandon..on the River Mersey....preparing to enter.....into Gladstone Lock!

June 2010: New tugs in Dublin: "Beaufort" & "Shackleton"

Since a few months there are new tugs in Dublin, the "Beaufort" and "Shackleton". Here are some of the pictures I took of them in my 2 weeks on the Norbank.


June 2010: Cruiseships in Dublin

In June 2010, i went to the "Norbank" again for 2 weeks, to keep my Dublin pilot's ticket valid. The cruiseship season had already started in Dublin, hence these photo's of 3 cruiseships (and 1 cruiseferry!)

OceanicCrystal SymphonyUlyssesCrown Princess

15 May 2010: "Olympic Hera" in Teesport

On 15 May 2010, when entering Teesdock in Teesport, I made some pictures of the "Olympic Hera", an anchor handling supply vessel docked there for some maintenance. Here's a selection of the pictures:

10 May 2010: "Smit Cheetah" in Europoort

On 10 May 2010 I took these pictures of the "Smit Cheetah", which was assisting the tanker "BW Lake", arriving at the Shell 104 berth in the Benelux Harbour in Europoort.

Smit CheetahBW LakePushing the sternAll done!

April 2010: Around Europoort

Here are some ships seen in Europoort during April 2010:

CervineFalconFlintercarrierSofie Maersk

8 April 2010: "Edda Fjord" in Teesport

On 8 April 2010, the "Edda Fjord" was docked in Teesport, apparently to do some maintenance. Here are some pictures I took:

Edda Fjord 1Edda Fjord 2Edda Fjord 3Edda Fjord 4

February 2010: Around Teesport

Here are some ships photographed around Teesport in February 2010:

Ormesby CrossSea Cougar 1Sea Cougar 2Statengracht

3 February 2010: Overtaking "Edith Maersk"

On 3 February 2010, while entering Europoort, we overtook the "Edith Maersk" on her portside. She was entering Europoort at slow speed, and we as a ferry are always in a hurry, so....!

Edith Maersk 1Edith Maersk 2Edith Maersk 3