Pictures and updates made in 2011...

1 December 2011: "Zeus" and "Typhoon" arriving in Teesport

On 1 December 2011, 2 tugs arrived in Teesport, the "Zeus" ahead of the European Trader, and the Dutch tug "Typhoon" astern of the European Trader. Here are some pictures:


25 November 2011: "Waterstroom" arriving in Vlissingen

On 25 November 2011 the Wagenborg tug "Waterstroom" arrived in Vlissingen. By invitation of the captain, I was later able to visit the "Waterstroom", interior pictures can be found here!


17 November 2011: "Maersk Tender" and "Centaurus" in Vlissingen

On 17 November 2011 the "Maersk Tender" and "Centaurus" were in Vlissingen, to pick up the "Atlantic Labrador", a drilling platform with destination Denmark. Here are some pictures of their departure:

Atlantic LabradorMaersk TenderMaersk TenderCentaurus

12 November 2011: "Red Panther" departs Vlissingen

On 12 November 2011, the tug "Red Panter" departed Vlissingen for Mauretania, with the floating sheerlegs "Cormorant" in tow.

Red Panther & CormorantRed PantherRed PantherCormorant

10 November 2011: "MSC Patricia" in Teesport

The "MSC Patricia" is a regular visitor to Teesport. As can be seen in the third picture, the containership was formerly called "Vardar".

MSC PatriciaMSC PatriciaMSC PatriciaMSC Patricia

9 November 2011: "CMA CGM Libra" arriving in Zeebrugge

Another CMA CGM containerships arriving in Zeebrugge, bound for the PSA containerterminal there. Here are some pictures of her swinging around with assistance of "Union Onyx" and "Union Topaz".

CMA CGM LibraUnion OnyxCMA CGM LibraCMA CGM Libra

6 November 2011: "Smit Tiger" in action in Zeebrugge

Just moments later, the "Smit Tiger" assisted the small tanker "Mistral" with docking just in front of the European Trader. Good pictures, too bad about the grey weather!

Mistral & Smit TigerSmit TigerSmit TigerApproaching Berth

6 November 2011: "CMA CGM Alaska" arriving in Zeebrugge

Here some pictures of the containership "CMA CGM Alaska" arriving in Zeebrugge, assisted by "Union Emerald", "Union Ruby" and "Union Topaz".

CMA CGM AlaskaUnion EmeraldEmerald & AlaskaCMA CGM Alaska & Union Ruby

16 October 2011: "Oceana" departing Zeebrugge

A visit late in the season by cruiseship "Oceana" to Zeebrugge. Here she is backing out of the Swedish Quay, swinging around and departing, bound for Southampton.


15 October 2011: "Bore Song" arriving in Zeebrugge

P&O has now chartered the brand-new "Bore Song", owned by Finnish company Bore, to sail opposite the "European Trader" on the Zeebrugge-Teesport route. Here are some pictures of her arrival 15 October 2011.

Bore SongBore SongBore SongBore Song

14 October 2011: "Maersk Sentosa" arriving in Zeebrugge

On 14 October 2011, as we entered Zeebrugge, the "Maersk Sentosa" was just arriving in Zeebrugge. The ship was already swung around, and now approaching the berth, assisted by 2 URS tugs.

Maersk SentosaMaersk SentosaMaersk SentosaMaersk Sentosa

24 September 2011: Lekko day in Terneuzen

During the yearly "Lekko" day in Terneuzen, some Multraship and URS tugs took part in a show display, showing off the capabilities of these tugs. Here are some pictures:

TerneuzenMultratug 6Terneuzen & Multratug 6Brugge

24 September 2011: "BW Boss" arriving in Vlissingen

On 24 September 2011 the weather was great, so we went for a cycling trip in the direction of the Sloehaven, Vlissingen, where the tanker "BW Boss" was just arriving, assisted by "Multratug 9" and "Multratug 11". Here are some pictures:

BW BossBW Boss & tugsBW Boss & tugsMultratug 9

21 September 2011: "CMA CGM Columba" and tugs

On 21 September 2011, we had to make a slow approach to Zeebrugge and wait for the containership "CMA CGM Columba" to leave the harbour first. Here are some pictures of her, and the tugs that assisted her.

CMA CGM ColumbaCMA CGM ColumbaUnion Pearl

13 September 2011: "Northern Canyon" in Teesport

"Northern Canyon" is a Subsea IMR, Survey, ROV Support and Supply Vessel (what a mouthful). On 13 September she was docked in Teesport, and we naturally took some pictures:

Norhtern CanyonCraneEquipmentCrane

20 August 2011: "Osprey Carrier" with 2 tugs

Here some pictures of the barge "Osprey Carrier", loaded with a jacket for a windfarm, towed by tug "Karin", with "Annie IV" acting as steering tug.

Osprey CarrierKarinAnnie IVOsprey Carrier

19 August 2011: "Fairplay 28" arriving in Vlissingen

Here some pictures of the "Fairplay 28" arriving in the Sloehaven in Vlissingen. She has since been renamed "Multratug 4".

Fairplay 28Fairplay 28Fairplay 28Fairplay 28

19 August 2011: "Fairmount Expedition" in Vlissingen

On 19 August 2011 we managed to take some great pictures of the tug "Fairmount Expedition" entering the Sloehaven in Vlissingen. Here they are:

Fairmount ExpeditionFairmount ExpeditionFairmount ExpeditionFairmount Expedition

3 July 2011: "Westsund" picking up a jacket

On 3 July 2011 we took some pictures of the Danish tug "Westsund", departing from the Buitenhaven Vlissingen, after picking up a jacket for an offshore windfarm. Steering tug was the "Multratug 9".

Westsund and jacketWestsundWestsundMultratug 9

13 June 2011: "Queen Elizabeth" departing Zeebrugge

On 13 June the "Queen Elizabeth" was in port. She was docked at the so-called "Swedish Quay", the cruiseterminal used for the bigger cruiseships. Here are some pictures of her departure.

21 May 2011: Several ships passing Vlissingen

On 21 May 2011 we had beautiful weather in Vlissingen, so a nice opportunity to take some pictures of ships passing at "De Schoone Waardin", near Vlissingen:

Eli KnutsenShtandartToisa CoralWan Hai 509

12 May 2011: "Oleg Strashnov" in the Sloehaven, Vlissingen

On 12 May 2011 the brand-new crane ship "Oleg Strashnov" entered the Sloehaven in Vlissingen, to pick up some new foundations for windmills to be built in the North Sea. Here are some pictures:

Oleg StrashnovOleg StrashnovOleg StrashnovOleg Strashnov

26 April 2011: "Volantis" in Teesport

On the afternoon of 26 April 2011 I noticed the "Volantis" (according to Google: a multi-role subsea construction vessel) entering Teesport, and tying up there. Here are some pictures:


18 April 2011: "MTS Valiant" & "Hendrik 3" in Vlissingen

Here are some pictures of the "MTS Valiant" arriving with a crane barge in the Buitenhaven in Vlissingen. Acting as steering tug was the "Hendrik 3".

MTS ValiantMTS ValiantHendrik 3Transport

5 April 2011: "Skandi Acergy" in Teesport

The "Skandi Acergy" is a subsea construction vessel used in the construction of drilling- and production platforms etc. Here are some pictures I took while the ship was docked in Teesport:

31 March 2011: A windy day in Teesport

31 March 2011 was a windy day in Teesport, with winds gusting to 50 knots. The "European Trader" arrived with 2 tugboats, and so did the "Norsky", here are some pictures:

Ormesby CrossFiery CrossOrmesby CrossFiery Cross

5 March 2011: "Maersk Recorder" arriving in Teesport

On 5 March 2011, I just happened to notice the "Maersk Recorder" arriving in Teesdock, Teesport. Time to take some pictures, of course:

The BowCTC MarineA-frame

8 February 2011: Through the lock of King George Dock, Hull

On 8 February 2011, due to repairs to the outside gates at King George Dock in Hull, the European Trader could only pass through at HW. We were followed by some tugs who had also been waiting to go through:

GuardsmanThrough the lockWelshmanRed Dolphin

4 February 2011: "Red Dolphin" in Hull

4 February 2011 I went ashore in Hull, to take some pictures of the "Red Dolphin". The "Red Dolphin", although registered in Madeira, also works around Hull and Immingham. Here are some pictures of her: