Pictures and updates made in 2012....

28 December 2012: "Seafox 5" arriving in Vlissingen

The "Seafox 5" is a multi purpose support vessel, which is being used in the oil- and gas industry, and in offshore wind farms. On 28 December the vessel paid a visit to Vlissingen:

Seafox 5Seafox 5Seafox 5Seafox 5

12 December 2012: "Dutch Blue" arriving in Vlissingen

On this day we witnessed the arrival of the brandnew tug "Dutch Blue", built this year in China. She arrived in Vlissingen towing a barge loaded with hulls for inland barges.

Dutch BlueDutch BlueDutch BlueDutch Blue

31 October 2012: "Beamer" in Hull

On this day I noticed a tugboat which I had not seen before in Hull, the "Beamer". The "Beamer" was assisting the "Kapitan Mironov" arriving in King George Dock.

BeamerKapitan MironovBeamerKapitan Mironov

23 October 2012: "Union Manta" departing Vlissingen

On 23 October, the "Union Manta", in fresh new Smit colours, picked up Heerema barge 627 in the Buitenhaven in Vlissingen. Despite the grey weather, some nice pictures:

Union MantaUnion MantaUnion MantaUnion Manta

15 October 2012: "London" arriving in Vlissingen

An unusual visit to Vlissingen by "London", fmr. "Smit London", on her last trip for Svitzer. The "London" was towing Heerema barge "H-591"


4 October 2012: "President Hubert" towing Heerema barge "H-404"

On 4 October 2012 the sea-going tug "President Hubert" entered the Sloehaven in Vlissingen, with the Heerema barge "H-404" in tow.

H-404President HubertPresident HubertPresident Hubert

29 September 2012: Heerema barge "H-627" entering Buitenhaven, Vlissingen

On this day a barge with construction material was towed into the Buitenhaven of Vlissingen, by "Union 5", "Union Grizzly", "Brugge" and "Gent"!

H-627BruggeUnion 5Union Grizzly


22 September 2012: Ships passing Terneuzen

During the LEKKO-tugboat day in Terneuzen, several other ships passed by on their way to Antwerp or to sea. Here is a few of them:

CSAV LLaunquihuethDa Tong YunMSC MarinaSten Aurora

22 September 2012: LEKKO-day in Terneuzen

During the annual LEKKO-day in Terneuzen, several tugs showed off their manouevring capabilities... we took over a 100 photo's. Due to space limitations, however, we can show only 4:

GentMultratug 19Multratug 19Terneuzen

14 September 2012: "Carlo Martello" departing from Vlissingen

On this day, we took some pictures of the Italian tug "Carlo Martello" departing the Sloehaven in Vlissingen on a windy day. Here they are:

Carlo MartelloCarlo MartelloCarlo MartelloCarlo Martello

11 & 14 September 2012: Ferries in Dover

For my job I had to pay a visit to the P&O headquarters in Dover. When arriving and departing in Dover with the "Spirit of Britain", I was able to take pictures of some other ferries there:

Delft SeawaysPride of BurgundyPride of CanterburyRodin

7 September 2012: "Smit Tiger" in Vlissingen

7 September was a good day for tugspotting in Vlissingen, here are some pictures of the "Smit Tiger" leaving the Sloehaven in Vlissingen. She is normally based in Zeebrugge:

Smit TigerSmit TigerSmit TigerSmit Tiger

7 September 2012: "En Avant 10" & "St. Annastrand" departing from Vlissingen

On 7 September 2012 the "En Avant 10", with a barge in tow, departed the Sloehaven in Vlissingen. "St. Annastrand" was steering tug on the stern. Here are some pictures:

En Avant 10 & St AnnastrandEn Avant 10St. AnnastrandEn Avant 10

24 August 2012: "Argus" & "Monika" departing Vlissingen

2 smaller tugs, the "Argus" and "Monika", departed from the Sloehaven in Vlissingen on this day. See pictures below!


17 August 2012: "Dutch Power" & "Dutch Pioneer" departing from Vlissingen

On this day, the tugs "Dutch Power" & "Dutch Pioneer" departed the Sloehaven in Vlissingen on their way across the North Sea to the U.K. Here are some pictures:

Dutch PowerDutch PioneerDutch PioneerDutch Power

12 August 2012: "Svitzer Pembroke" towing "HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën" into Vlissingen

The Dutch frigate F802 "HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën" is currently being upgraded with new weapons systems etc. On 12 August she was towed into Vlissingen by "Svitzer Pembroke" and "Multratug 11".

Svitzer PembrokeSvitzer PembrokeMultratug 11F 802 De Zeven Provinciën

10 August 2012: Svitzer Tugs in action in Hull

On this day, I took some pictures of 3 Svitzer tugs assisting the Russian bulkcarrier "Mikhail Strekalovskiy" during her arrival in King George Dock, Hull. Here's a selection:

Svitzer SusanMikhail StrekalovskiySvitzer JosephineSvitzer Laura

1 August 2012: Multraship tugboats assisting "GSF Britannia"

The "GSF Britannia" was also assisted by 4 local tugs, the "Multratug 4", "Multratug 5", "Multratug 16" and "Multratug 19". Each tugboat was of course photographed by us...

Multratug 4Multratug 5Multratug 16Multratug 19

1 August 2012: "GSF Britannia" arriving in Vlissingen, towed by "Typhoon" and "Zeus"

Another platform arriving in the Sloehaven in Vlissingen today. The "GSF Britannia" was towed by ITC's "Typhoon" and "Zeus", owned by Alphons Hakans. And local tugs, seen in the next post!

GSF BritanniaZeusTyphoonTyphoon & Zeus

28 July 2012: Heerema's "Husky" in Vlissingen

The tug "Husky", owned by Heerema Marine Contractors, was built in 1978 but is still going strong. On this day she paid a visit to Vlissingen to pick up the barge H302.


26 July 2012: "MSC Beatrice" on the way to Antwerp

The "MSC Beatrice" was one of the first mega-containerships to visit Antwerp. She is now a regular visitor on the Westerschelde river, as can be seen on these pictures:

MSC BeatriceMSC BeatriceMSC BeatriceMSC Beatrice

20 July 2012: "Union Boxer" in Vlissingen

A tug not very often seen around these parts, the "Union Boxer". Built in 2010, she is a sistership of the "Union Fighter". On this day she arrived in the Sloehaven, Vlissingen.

Union BoxerUnion BoxerUnion BoxerUnion Boxer

13 July 2012: SMS Tugs in Hull assisting "Federal Nakagawa" (again!)

2 days later, the "Federal Nakagawa" departed King George Dock, Hull again, assisted by the same 3 tugs as on departure. Because we can't get enough of it, here are some more pictures:

Federal NakagawaNormanNormanYeoman

11 July 2012: SMS Tugs in Hull assisting "Federal Nakagawa"

Today I noticed the bulkcarrier "Federal Nakagawa" arriving in King George Dock, Hull assisted by 3 SMS tugs, the "Norman", "Yeoman" and "Tradesman". Here are some of the pictures I took:

TradesmanNormanNorman & TradesmanYeoman

11 July 2012: "Idur Viking" and "Bostonian" in King George Dock, Hull

An hour later 2 tugs passed through the lock, the "Idur Viking", a tug/supply vessel owned by Viking Supply Ships, and the "Bostonian", a somewhat older style tugboat (built in 1967)...

Idun VikingIdun VikingBostonianBostonian

5 July 2012: "Transocean Shelf Explorer" arriving in Vlissingen

On this day, the rig "Transocean Shelf Explorer" arrived in the Sloehaven, Vlissingen Oost, towed by ITC's "Boulder", and accompanied by "Svitzer Marken", "Union Grizzly", "Fairplay 23", "Multratug 19" and others..

Transocean Shelf ExplorerBoulderMultratug 19Boulder & Svitzer Marken

24 June 2012: "MSC Katrina" in Zeebrugge, assisted by "Smit Emoe"

On this day it was pouring with rain in Zeebrugge, despite this I did manage to take some pictures of the large containervessel "MSC Katrina" arriving in Zeebrugge, assisted by the brand-new "Smit Emoe"!

MSC KatrinaMSC KatrinaMSC KatrinaSmit Emoe

20 June 2012: "Normand Neptun" passing Vlissingen

On 20 June 2012, in the evening, the "Normand Neptun" passed Vlissingen with a barge in tow. Despite the late hour, we did manage to take some good pictures:

Normand NeptunNormand NeptunNormand NeptunNormand Neptun

8 June 2012: "Multratug 19" arriving in Terneuzen

On this day, we witnessed the arrival of the brand-new "Multratug 19" in Terneuzen. Especially for us, the manouevring capabilities were shown, as well as the fire-fighting capabilities!

Multratug 19Multratug 19Multratug 19Multratug 19

26 May 2012: "Normand Titan" departing Vlissingen

On 26 May 2012 we got up early to take some pictures of the "Normand Titan", departing from Vlissingen with a jacket built by Heerema in Vlissingen. Here are the pictures we made:

Normand TitanJacketNormand TitanJacket

19 May 2012: "MPI Adventure" on the Westerschelde river

On 19 May 2012, the wind turbine installation vessel "MPI Adventure" passed Vlissingen, on its way to the North Sea, to install some more wind turbines there. Here are some pictures:

MPI AdventureMPI AdventureMPI AdventureMPI Adventure

18 May 2012: "Thialf" departing Europoort

On 18 May 2012, I noticed Heerema's "Thialf" departing Europoort, on her way to Norway, after a long drydock. Here are some of the pictures I took:


17 May 2012: "Pride of Hull" arriving in Europoort

On this day, as the weather was good, I decided to walk ashore in the early morning to take some pictures of the Pride of Hull arriving in Europoort. Here they are:

Pride of HullPride of HullPride of HullPride of Hull

22 April 2012: "Multratug 4" and "Rambiz" arriving in Vlissingen

On 22 April 2012 the "Multratug 4" arrived in the Sloehaven in Vlissingen, towing the Multi-Purpose Heavy Lift Vessel (according to Google) "Rambiz". Here are some pictures:

Multratug 4Multratug 4Multratug 4Rambiz

20 April 2012: "Kanpur" arriving in Europoort

On 20 April 2012 I took some pictures of the tanker "Kanpur", arriving in the Benelux harbour in Europoort, assisted by the tugs "SD Seahorse" and "SD Seal". Here they are:

SD SeahorseSD SeahorseKanpurSD Seahorse

11 April 2012: "Union Manta" makes a visit to Vlissingen

On 11 April 2012 the anchor-handling tug "Union Manta" made a rare visit to Vlissingen, after working in the Gulf of Mexico for several years. The weather was great for taking pictures, here they are:

Union MantaUnion MantaUnion MantaUnion Manta

29 March 2012: "Stena Freighter" sails from Europoort

In the Benelux-harbour in Europoort, the P&O terminal is opposite the Stena Terminal. From here Stena sails several times a day to Harwich. Here is the "Stena Freighter" doing the morning departure.

Stena FreighterStena FreighterStena FreighterStena Freighter

22 March 2012: "Skandi Skansen" in Teesport

Back on the "European Trader" again, and back to Teesport. On 22 March 2012 I took some pictures there of the "Skandi Skansen", according to Google a "multipurpose Construction Anchor Handling Vessel".

Skandi SkansenSkandi SkansenBowStern

18 March 2012: Tugs around Vlissingen

On 18 March 2012, while waiting to take pictures of the "Neptune Mariner", we did see some more tug activity around the Sloehaven in Vlissingen. Here are some pictures:

Multratug 10Multratug 10Union GrizzlyZelzate

18 March 2012: "Neptune Mariner" departs Vlissingen

On 18 March 2012 we waited for a while to take some pictures of the "Neptune Mariner" departing from Vlissingen, towing the barge "Louis". Good thing the weather was great! Here are the pictures:

Neptune MarinerNeptune MarinerNeptune MarinerNeptune Mariner

15 March 2012: "Multratug 17" and "Neptun 11" in Vlissingen

On 15 March 2012, in beautiful weather, we took some pictures of the tugs "Multratug 17" and "Neptun 11" in the Sloehaven in Vlissingen:

Multratug 17Multratug 17Neptun 11Neptun 11

6 March 2012: "Welshman" on the move

The tug "Welshman", which can also be found elsewhere on this site, recently paid a visit to Vlissingen. Here are some pictures of her departure from the tug pier to the Sloehaven in Vlissingen:


27 February 2012: "Uran" arriving in Vlissingen.

On 27 February 2012, the Polish tugboat "Uran" arrived in the Sloehaven in Vlissingen. Despite the rainy, foggy weather, we managed to take some nice pictures:


21 February 2012: "MSC Vega" on the Westerschelde

On 21 February 2012, on my way to another 2 weeks on the "European Trader", I noticed the container-vessel "MSC Vega" on her way to Antwerp. Here are pictures I took from the ferry Vlissingen-Breskens:

MSC Vega 1MSC Vega 2MSC Vega 3MSC Vega 4

23 January 2012: "Bremen Fighter" in Vlissingen

On 23 January 2012 the tug "Bremen Fighter" arrived in Vlissingen, with the barge "Sainty No.8" in tow. This tug is the former "Primus". Steering tugs were the "Brugge" and "Union Grizzly".

Bremen FighterBremen FighterBremen FighterBremen Fighter

16 January 2012: "Anglian Princess" arrives in Vlissingen

On 16 January 2012, the tug "Anglian Princess" arrived in Vlissingen to pick up the Heerema barge H541. Formerly a Coast Guard tug (the letters on the side can still be seen) she is now owned by JP Knight.

Anglian PrincessAnglian PrincessAnglian PrincessAnglian Princess