Pictures and updates made in 2013...

14 December 2013: "Well Enhancer" arriving in Vlissingen

Today an unusual visitor to the Sloehaven in Vlissingen: The "Well Enhancer", officially described as a mono-hull well intervention vessel. "Well Enhancer" was built by IHC Merwede in 2008.

Well EnhancerWell EnhancerWell EnhancerWell Enhancer

2 November 2013: "Isolda" departing King George Dock, Hull

Today we noticed the bulkcarrier "Isolda" departing from King George Dock, Hull, assisted by 3 SMS tugs. This photosession was cut short by an enormous rainshower!


11 October 2013: "Retriever" departing Vlissingen

Today the Heerema tug "Retriever" departed Vlissingen with Heerema barge H-404 in tow, bound for Rotterdam. On the stern was the tug "Union Ruby".

RetrieverRetrieverRetrieverUnion Ruby

3 October 2013: "Ginger" and "Multratug 19" towing a barge

Today Iskes' "Ginger" towed a barge with parts for a windfarm out of the Sloehaven in Vlissingen. On the stern was "Multratug 19".

TransportGingerBargeMultratug 19

1 October 2013: "Pride Of Burgundy" leaving Vlissingen drydock

Today we noticed the "Pride of Burgundy" leaving the drydock in Vlissingen. "Pride of Burgundy" can normally be found on the Dover-Calais route. Assisting were some "Multratugs".

Pride of BurgundyPride of BurgundyMultratug 27Pride of Burgundy

3 October 2013: "Serkeborg" in Vlissingen

Over the last few days, Wagenborg's supplier "Serkeborg" paid a few visits to Vlissingen. Here are some pictures:


26 September 2013: "MSC Melatilde" arriving in Zeebrugge

On this day I noticed the large MSC containership "MSC Melatilde" entering Zeebrugge. In swinging around, she was assisted by "Smit Lion", "Smit Emoe" and "Smit Kiwi".

MSC MelatildeMSC MelatildeMSC MelatildeSmit Lion

15 September 2013: "Carlo Martello" passing Vlissingen

On this day, the Italian tug "Carlo Martello" passed the Vlissingen Boulevard with Heerema barge H-332 in tow. Here are some pictures:

Carlo MartelloCarlo MartelloCarlo MartelloCarlo Martello

31 August 2013: A tug-spotting trip to Antwerp

On 31 August "Lekko" had organized a boattrip to Antwerp, to meet fellow members and take pictures of tugboats of course. A lot of pictures were taken, here are some of them:

Multratug 5Union JadeUnion KoalaZeeschelde

30 August 2013: "Makalu" arrives in Vlissingen

On this day we noticed the brand-new offshore supply vessel "Makalu" arriving in Vlissingen for a short visit. Here are some pictures:


16 August 2013: "Karel Doorman", towed by "Eide Wrestler", arriving in Vlissingen

Today the casco of the Royal Dutch Navy's Joint Support Ship (JSS) "Karel Doorman" arrived at the Damen shipyard in Vlissingen, for fitting out. Assisting were "Union Ruby", "Brugge" and "Smit Lion".

Eide WrestlerEide WrestlerKarel DoormanSmit Lion

10 August 2013: "En Avant 20" on the way to Vlissingen

Also today, another unusual visitor in Vlissingen. The "En Avant 20" is owned by Muller - Dordrecht and was formerly named "Claus", having been acquired by Muller earlier this year.

En Avant 20En Avant 20En Avant 20En Avant 20

10 August 2013: "World Tug 1" arriving in the Buitenhaven, Vlissingen

Today an older tug visited the Buitenhaven in Vlissingen: the "World Tug 1". This tug was built in 1970 and originally named "Inigo Lopez Tapia".

World Tug 1World Tug 1World Tug 1World Tug 1

3 August 2013: "Multratug 27" arriving in Terneuzen

On this day, the latest addition to the Multraship fleet, the "Multratug 27" arrived in Terneuzen for the very first time. Here are some pictures of her arrival:

Multratug 27Multratug 27Multratug 27Multratug 27

21 July 2013: Multratug show in Terneuzen

On this day we were invited to a photo-opportunity in Terneuzen, with all the Multratugs participating. Photos were taken for brochures, calendars etc. We also took 88 pictures, 4 highlights are seen below:

17 July 2013: Cruiseship "Discovery" arriving in King George Dock, Hull

An unusual visitor in Hull, as not many cruiseships go there. The "Discovery" arrived there on this day, assisted by "Svitzer Susan" and "Svitzer Trimley".

DiscoverySvitzer TrimleyDiscoveryDiscovery

9 July 2013: "En Avant 7" departs Vlissingen for Rotterdam

On this day, we witnessed the "En Avant 7", with barge NP-411 in tow, departing Vlissingen for Rotterdam. Multratug 10 was on the stern.

En Avant 7En Avant 7Multratug 10En Avant 7

19 June 2013: "Petr Vilikiy" and Svitzer Tugs in King George Dock, Hull

No less than 3 Svitzer tugs assisted the Russian bulkcarrier "Petr Vilikiy" on her way in to King George Dock today. Here are some pictures:

Svitzer SusanPetr VilikiySvitzer MadeleineSvitzer Josephine

11 June 2013: "Frigg Viking" arriving in Vlissingen

On this day the offshore supply ship "Frigg Viking" passed Vlissingen on her way to the Sloehaven. Here are some pictures:

Frigg VikingFrigg VikingFrigg VikingFrigg Viking

8 June 2013: "Multratug 20" arriving in Vlissingen

On this day we got out of bed early to make these pictures of the first arrival of the "Multratug 20" in Vlissingen. In tow was the barge H-332 with a jacket on it.

Multratug 20 & H-332Multratug 20Multratug 20Multratug 20

7 June 2013: "Union Boxer" on the way to the Sloehaven

On this day, URS tug "Union Boxer" entered the Westerschelde river towards the Sloehaven in Vlissingen, with barge UR 98 in tow. "Union Ruby" was acting as steering tug.

Union Boxer & Union RubyUnion BoxerUnion BoxerUnion Ruby

4 June 2013: "Northwind" towing "Greenbarge 2" arriving in Vlissingen

Busy days for tugspotters, today it is the "Northwind" arriving in Vlissingen with the "Greenbarge 2" in tow. The "Northwind" is owned by a Dutch company, but flies the flag of Curacao.

NorthwindNorthwindNorthwindNorthwind & Barge

3 June 2013: "Zeus" arrives in Vlissingen

Today we noticed the Finnish tug "Zeus" arriving in Vlissingen. The "Zeus" is owned by Alphons Hakans Towage & Salvage.


27 May 2013: "Saga Ruby" departing Zeebrugge

On this day, the classic cruiseship "Saga Ruby" visited Zeebrugge. Here are some pictures of her departure, assisted by 1 tugboat:

Saga RubySaga RubySaga RubySaga Ruby

18 May 2013: Tugboatday in Maassluis

On this day we paid a visit to the yearly tugboatday in Maassluis. Some older tugs could be visited, and newer ones gave demonstrations of their capabilities... Here are some pictures:

ElbeHudsonHerculesRT Leader

13 May 2013: "Brent" in Vlissingen

On this day, the "Brent" arrived in Vlissingen to pick up a barge from the Buitenhaven. The "Brent" is owned by Iskes Towage & Salvage, IJmuiden.


6 May 2013: "Muntgracht" departing King George Dock, Hull

On this day I noticed Spliethoff's "Muntgracht" departing King George Dock in Hull, assisted by Svitzer Laura. Beautiful weather made for some nice pictures:

MuntgrachtMuntgrachtMuntgracht & Svitzer LauraSvitzer Laura

27 April 2013: "Atlantic Amsterdam" towed out of Vlissingen

On this day the rig "Atlantic Amsterdam" was towed out of Vlissingen by the tugs "Strilborg" and "Thorax". Some Multratugs were assisting on the stern!

Atlantic AmsterdamThoraxStrilborgStrilborg & Thorax

22 April 2013: "De Zhou" arriving in the Sloehaven, Vlissingen

Another Chinese tug arriving in Vlissingen, with another Heerema barge. The "De Zhou" towing the H-404, with "Union Grizzly" and "Union 5" assisting.

De ZhouDe ZhouDe ZhouDe Zhou

19 April 2013: "De Da" arriving in the Sloehaven, Vlissingen

On this day the Chinese tug "De Da" arrived in the Sloehaven, Vlissingen, with Heerema barge H-542 in tow. Assisting was the "Union Ruby".

De DaDe DaDe DaDe Da

6 April 2013: A Yacht on the move in Vlissingen

On 6 April 2013 a newbuilt yacht was being transported from the Amels shipyard in Vlissingen to the Sloehaven. Lead tug was the "Hendrik 7" with the "Spitsbergen" on the stern.

Hendrik 7Hendrik 7 & yachtSpitsbergenYacht

22 March 2013: "Boa Sund" arriving in Vlissingen

On 22 March 2013 the "Boa Sund" arrived in Vlissingen, with the "Boabarge 21" in tow. Assisting were the "Zelzate" and "Brugge".

Boa SundBoabarge 21Boa SundBoa Sund & Boabarge 21

22 March 2013 : "Hunter" departing the Sloehaven, Vlissingen

While waiting for the departure of the "Boa Sund", the "Hunter" departed the Sloehaven in Vlissingen bound for Swinoujscie, Poland. Here are some pictures:



4 February 2013: "BB Supporter" arriving in Vlissingen

On this day we noticed the tug "BB Supporter" arriving in Vlissingen. Despite the late hour and unfavourable lighting conditions, we managed to take some pictures:

BB SupporterBB SupporterBB SupporterBB Supporter

22 January 2013: Various ships on the "Nieuwe Waterweg"

On 22 January 2013, the "Pride of Bruges" was drydocked for a few hours at Keppel Verolme, to do a bottom inspection. On the way to the drydock, I took the following pictures:

Bow KisoStena HollandicaStena TransporterElbe

11 January 2013: "Sea Alfa" arriving in Vlissingen

On 11 January 2013, the "Sea Alfa" arrived in Vlissingen, apparently after raising an anchor. She passed through the locks on the way to the Innerharbour.

Sea AlfaSea AlfaSea AlfaSea Alfa