Pictures and updates made in 2014...

10 December 2014: "Go Pegasus" arriving in Vlissingen

Today the AHTS "Go Pegasus" arrived in Vlissingen at Damen Shipyards for some conversion work. Here are some pictures of the "Go Pegasus":

Go PegasusGo PegasusGo PegasusGo Pegasus

19 October 2014: "Magnus" departing Vlissingen

Today the German tug "Magnus" departed Vlissingen with Heerema barge H-406 in tow. Assisting as steering tug was the "Union Grizzly".


12 October 2014: "СД Рейнджер" (SD Ranger) in Vlissingen

The Kotug "SD Ranger" was recently chartered to Russia and is now named "СД Рейнджер". On 12 October 2014 she paid a short visit to Vlissingen, here are some pictures:

SD RangerSD RangerSD RangerSD Ranger

3 October 2014: "Ares" with newbuild yacht "Amels 7401" arriving in Vlissingen

Today the Polish tug "Ares" arrived in Vlissingen with yacht "Amels 7401" in tow. The yacht was destined for the Amels shipyard in Vlissingen, where it will be completed.

Ares & Amels 7401AresAresAres

30 September 2014: "Bugsier 9" with "MTS Valiant" towing cranebarge JB117

On this way, the German tug "Bugsier 9" delivered the cranebarge "JB 117" in the Sloehaven in Vlissingen. Steering tug was the "MTS Valiant". Despite the dreary weather, here are some pictures:

Bugsier 9Bugsier 9MTS ValiantJB 117

27 September 2014: "Aeolus" departing Vlissingen

The jack-up vessel "Aeolus", owned by Van Oord, departed Vlissingen today. The vessel is used in construction of offshore windfarms.


10-11 September 2014: "Union Sovereign" in Vlissingen

On 10 September 2014, the Belgian-flagged tug "Union Sovereign" departed the Sloehaven in Vlissingen, arriving back 1 day later with Heerema barge H-331. Here are some pictures:

Union SovereignUnion SovereignUnion SovereignUnion Sovereign

2 September 2014: "Argus" departing Vlissingen

Today, a short visit by tug "Argus" to Vlissingen. She delivered a burnt-out fishing vessel to Damen Shipyards in the Sloehaven, presumably for lenghty repairs!


24 August 2014: "Zr. Ms. Rotterdam" arriving in Vlissingen

The Dutch naval vessel "Zr. Ms. Rotterdam" was towed by the "En Avant 20" from Den Helder to Vlissingen for repairs and maintenance. Upon arrival, "Multratug 9" and "Multratug 27" provided assistance.

Zr. Ms. RotterdamEn Avant 20Multratug 9Multratug 27

22 August 2014: "KL Sandefjord" arriving in Vlissingen

The second tug to arrive in Vlissingen to pick up the "Rowan Viking" was the "KL Sandefjord". Here are some pictures as she arrives in the Sloehaven in Vlissingen.

KL SandefjordKL SandefjordKL SandefjordKL Sandefjord

22 August 2014: "Maersk Laser" arriving in Vlissingen

"Maersk Laser" was the first tug to arrive in Vlissingen to pick up the "Rowan Viking", the drilling platform which had its legs lenghtened. Here are some pictures as she passes the Boulevard in Vlissingen:

Maersk LaserMaersk LaserMaersk LaserMaersk Laser

20 August 2014: "Sea Lynx" arriving in Vlissingen

Today the "Sea Lynx" arrived in Vlissingen, towing Wagenborg barge No. 9. Here are some pictures as she passes the Boulevard in Vlissingen:

Sea LynxSea LynxSea LynxSea Lynx

7 July 2014: "Multratug 4" towing "Rambiz" into Sloehaven, Vlissingen

Also today, the "Multratug 4" entered the Sloehaven with the crane barge "Rambiz" in tow. The "Rambiz" was carrying a jacket destined for the Heerema premises.

RambizMultratug 4Multratug 4Rambiz

7 July 2014: "BB Troll" with "H-542" arriving in Vlissingen

Today the Norwegian Anchor Handling Tug "BB Troll" arrived in Vlissingen with Heerema barge H-542 in tow. Here are some pictures:

BB TrollBB TrollBB TrollBB Troll

4 July 2014: "VOS Prelude" arriving in Vlissingen

Today the offshore-standby vessel "VOS Prelude" entered the Sloehaven in Vlissingen, arriving from Great Yarmouth. Here are some pictures:

VOS PreludeVOS PreludeVOS PreludeVOS Prelude

22 June 2014: "Karel Doorman" departing Vlissingen

Today the brand new JSS (Joint Support Ship) "Karel Doorman" departed the shipyard in Vlissingen, for sea trials. The vessel will arrive in Den Helder on July 1.

Karel DoormanKarel DoormanKarel DoormanKarel Doorman

2 June 2014: "UOS Liberty" passing Vlissingen

Today, the "UOS Liberty" paid a visit to the Everingen (anchorage area in the Westerschelde river) to take on bunkers, before proceeding to Rio de Janeiro. Here are some pictures:

UOS LibertyUOS LibertyUOS LibertyUOS Liberty

1 June 2014: "Duke II" departing Vlissingen with H-542

Today the Cypriot-flagged tug "Duke II" departed the Sloehaven in Vlissingen with Heerema barge H-542 in tow. Here are some pictures as the transport passed the Boulevard in Vlissingen:

Duke IIDuke IIDuke IIDuke II

28 May 2014: "GSP Saturn" entering Sloehaven in Vlissingen

Another large transport arriving in Vlissingen today... the "GSP Saturn", towed by Finnish tug "Zeus", assisted by Multratugs 5, 16 and 27.

ZeusGSP SaturnMultratug 5Multratug 27

22 May 2014: "Ain Snan" arriving in Zeebrugge

Today "Pride of Bruges" departure was delayed due to the arriving large containership "Ain Snan". When we were allowed to leave, we passed close by, a good opportunity for some pictures.

Smit TigerAin SnanAin SnanSmit Emoe

20 May 2014: "Carlo Magno" departing Vlissingen with Heerema jacket

Today the Italian tug "Carlo Magno" departed Vlissingen, towing the Heerema barge H-627, carrying another jacket built by Heerema. Here are some pictures:

Carlo MagnoCarlo MagnoCarlo MagnoCarlo Magno
20 May 2014: "Union Coral" & "Smit Emoe" in Zeebrugge

During departure of the "Pride of Bruges" today, these 2 tugboats passed close by us, after having assisted a containership in the ......dok.

Union CoralSmit EmoeSmit EmoeSmit Emoe

18 May 2014: "Carlo Magno" & "Bamse Tug" arriving in Vlissingen

2 tugs arriving in Vlissingen this morning: the Italian "Carlo Magno", and the "Bamse Tug", with a barge in tow. Here are some pictures:

Carlo MagnoCarlo MagnoBamse TugBamse Tug

17 May 2014: Tugboatday in Maassluis

Today was the day of the yearly "tugboatday" in Maassluis. The weather was great, and lots of tugboats were participating. Here are some pictures, more can be found here.

RigelKolgaSmit CheetahSD Rebel

3 May 2014: "Rowan Viking" towed by "Sea Lynx" arriving in Vlissingen

Early in the morning of 3 May 2014 the jack-up rig "Rowan Viking" was towed into the Sloehaven, Vlissingen by the tug "Sea Lynx". Several Multratugs were assisting.

Sea LynxSea LynxRowan VikingMultratug 19

29 April 2014: "Waterstraat" in Vlissingen

Today the Dutch tug "Waterstraat" delivered a barge in the Sloehaven in Vlissingen. After the delivery, she immediately departed again, of which we took these pictures:


25 April 2014: "Kowie", assisted by "Svitzer Bristol" & "Svitzer Laura", departing Hull

Today I happened to notice the departure of the tanker "Kowie" from King George Dock, Hull. She was assisted by "Svitzer Laura" on the bow and "Svitzer Bristol" on the stern.

Laura & BristolSvitzer BristolSvitzer LauraKowie

22 April 2014: "Salviceroy" arriving in Vlissingen

Today the "Salviceroy" arrived in Vlissingen again, to pick up a new tow. Here are some pictures of her arrival:


20 April 2014: "Union Diamond" and "Smit Barracuda" in Vlissingen

On 20 April 2014 the "Union Diamond" towed the cranebarge JB 114 out of the Sloehaven in Vlissingen, with the "Smit Barracuda" on the stern. Here are some pictures:

Union DiamondJB 114Union DiamondSmit Barracuda

11 April 2014: "Salviceroy" departing Vlissingen

On this day, the tug "Salviceroy" departed Vlissingen with the barge H-406 in tow. On this barge is what appears to be a construction to be used in an offshore windfarm.

Salviceroy & H-406SalviceroySalviceroySalviceroy & H-406

7 April 2014: "Multratug 19" & "Smit Kiwi" with barge H-404 departing Vlissingen

Today the "Multratug 19" departed the Sloehaven in Vlissingen with the Heerema barge H-404 in tow. "Smit Kiwi" was on the stern.

Multratug 19 & H404Multratug 19Smit KiwiSmit Kiwi

1 April 2014: "Bremen Hunter" towing "Rambiz" into the Sloehaven, Vlissingen

Today the tug "Bremen Hunter" arrived in Vlissingen, with the heavy-lift vessel "Rambiz" in tow. "Bremen Hunter" is owned by Unterweser Reederei GmbH (URAG) of Germany.

Bremen HunterBremen HunterBremen HunterBremen Hunter

25 March 2014: "Resolve Earl" departing Vlissingen

Today the tug "Resolve Earl" departed the Sloehaven, Vlissingen, with the cranebarge "Conquest MB1" in tow. Destination is Piomibino, Italy. Assisting were "Multratug 4" and "Multratug 11".

Resolve EarlResolve EarlResolve EarlResolve Earl

28 February 2014: "Gadwall" departing King George Dock, Hull with 3 tugs

Today the bulkcarrier "Gadwall", registered in Hong Kong, departed King George Dock, Hull with the assistance of 3 tugs, after being in port for several days.

Svitzer ValiantGadwallNormanScotsman

13 February 2013: "Toisa Envoy" arriving in Vlissingen

Today the brand-new "Toisa Envoy" arrived in Vlissingen for a drydock at Damen Shipyards. Rumour has it that the ship has leaking shaft-seals...

Toisa EnvoyToisa EnvoyToisa EnvoyToisa Envoy

25 January 2014: "Olympic Taurus" arriving in Vlissingen

On 25 January 2014, the "Olympic Taurus" arrived in the Sloehaven in Vlissingen. Despite the weather not being very good, we took the following pictures:

Olympic TaurusOlympic TaurusOlympic TaurusOlympic Taurus