Pictures and updates made in 2018...

Here you can have a look at the latest pictures we made... and other updates to the site. As I also have other things to do besides updating this website, updates may take a while to arrive!

24 December 2018: "Pegasus" and "Kommandor Susan" arriving in Vlissingen

Today the "Pegasus", towing the "Kommandor Susan", assisted by "Multratug 9" arrived in the Sloehaven in Vlissingen.

PegasusPegasusKommandor SusanMultratug 9

12 December 2018: "Golf" arriving in the Sloehaven in Vlissingen

Today the "Golf" and "Multratug 22" arrived in the Sloehaven, towing a dredger. "Golf" is the former "Multratug 9" but she is still owned and employed by Multraship.


18 October 2018: "Seazip Fix" surveying on Westerschelde

Today we took some pictures of the survey vessel "Seazip Fix" engaged in some survey work on the Westerschelde river. The ship is Dutch-flagged, and was built in 1981.

Seazip FixSeazip FixSeazip FixSeazip Fix

12 October 2018: Ships on the Thames River

Since last week I am working on "Norsky", where I am studying to obtain a Thames Pilot Exemption Certificate. Therefore I was able to take some pictures while transiting the river Thames:

ColumbusSvitzer LondonSvitzer CeciliaSvitzer Ganges

12 August 2018: "Olympic Intervention" departing the Sloehaven in Vlissingen

Today the "Olympic Intervention IV" departed Vlissingen. According to the company website, she is a Multifunctional Subsea Vessel with a large deck area and very large cargo capabilities for most operations.

Olympic Intervention IVOlympic Intervention IVOlympic Intervention IVOlympic Intervention IV

7 August 2018: "Svitzer Stanford" on the Humber River

And today we encountered the "Svitzer Stanford", inbound on the Humber River. She is normally active around the port of Immingham.

Svitzer StanfordSvitzer StanfordSvitzer StanfordSvitzer Stanford

17 July 2018: "KTK Tribon" in Willemstad, Curacao

During our holiday in Curacao, I managed to take some pictures of the tug "KTK Tribon", as it was about to give a demonstration during a visit of several tall ships to Willemstad, Curacao.

KTK TribonKTK TribonKTK TribonKTK Tribon

11 July 2018: "Union Sapphire" in Vlissingen

Today the "Union Sapphire", in Boskalis colours, arrived in the Buitenhaven of Vlissingen, where she is usually stationed these days.

Union SapphireUnion SapphireUnion SapphireUnion Sapphire

10 July 2018: "Nobleman" on the Humber River

After departure from King George Dock, we encountered the tug "Nobleman" on the river, she was returning to King George Dock after tug assistance at Immingham.


3 July 2018: "Maersk Lancer" passing Vlissingen

Today the AHTS "Maersk Lancer" passed Vlissingen on her way back to the North Sea, after a short visit to the Sloehaven in Vlissingen.

Maersk LancerMaersk LancerMaersk LancerMaersk Lancer

1 July 2018: "Superman" in King George Dock, Hull

Today I finally managed to make some pictures of the new tug "Superman" when it was departing King George Dock in Hull. "Superman" was built in 2017 and is owned by SMS tugs.


30 June 2018: "Multratug 28" in Vlissingen

Today the "Multratug 28" paid a short visit to the Buitenhaven in Vlissingen. "Multratug 28" was built in 2014 and is homeported Valetta, Malta.

Multratug 28Multratug 28Multratug 28Multratug 28

30 June 2018: "Alp Guard" departing Vlissingen

Today the Dutch-flagged tug "Alp Guard" departed the buitenhaven in Vlissingen, with barge "Iron Lady" in tow. Assisting were Multratugs 14, 27 & 28.

Alp GuardAlp GuardAlp GuardAlp Guard

23 June 2018: "Nao Prosper" departing the Sloehaven in Vlissingen

Today the "Nao Prosper" departed the Sloehaven in Vlissingen. She is owned by Nordic American Offshore Limited, and has the special hull form known as "ULSTEIN X-BOW".

Nao ProsperNao ProsperNao ProsperNao Prosper

5 June 2018: "Union Bear" arriving in Vlissingen

Some pictures of the "Union Bear" arriving in Vlissingen today. The "Union Bear" was built in 1999, is classed a Offshore Tug/Supply Ship, and is now owned by Boskalis.

Union BearUnion BearUnion BearUnion Bear

5 June 2018: "Multratug 32" passing Vlissingen en route to Bremerhaven

Today the "Multratug 32" passed Vlissingen on the way to the German port of Bremerhaven, where she will be employed for the forseeable future. "Multratug 32" arrived in Terneuzen first on February 3, 2018.

Multratug 32Multratug 32Multratug 32Multratug 32

26 May 2018: More Humber tugs

During this month we managed to photograph some more tugs on the Humber river. Here are "Irishman", "Superman", "Svitzer Kathleen" and "Welshman".

IrishmanSupermanSvitzer KathleenWelshman

21 May 2018: "Mustang" towing "Giant 7" arriving in Vlissingen

Today the salvage barge "Giant 7" arrived in Vlissingen, towed by the "Mustang". On the stern was the "Smit Seine", acting as steering tug.

MustangMustangGiant 7Smit Seine

18 May 2018: "Multratug 9" arriving in Terneuzen for the first time

Today the new "Multratug 9" arrived in Terneuzen for the very first time. This "Multratug 9" is the 2nd "Multratug 9" and is now also referred to as the "Multratug 9(II)"!

Multratug 9Multratug 9Multratug 9Multratug 9


11 May 2018: "Living Stone" departing Vlissingen under tow

Today the half-built dredger "Living Stone" was towed out of the Sloehaven toward the shipyard, by "Multratug 14" and "Multratug 4" acting as steering tug.

Living StoneMultratug 14Living StoneMultratug 4

8 May 2018: "Highland Monarch" inbound to Vlissingen

Today the offshore support vessel "Highland Monarch" arrived in Vlissingen. "Ocean Monarch" is owned by the Gulfmark company and operates mainly in the North Sea.

Highland MonarchHighland MonarchHighland MonarchHighland Monarch

7 May 2018: "DMS Stork" departing Vlissingen

Today "DMS Stork" departed Vlissingen for sea. "DMS Stork" is a multi-purpose workboat for charter for harbours, inland and coastal waters and is owned by Damen Marine Services.

DMS StorkDMS StorkDMS StorkDMS Stork

1 May 2018: Some tugs on the Humber river

During our outbound voyage on the river Humber in the UK we encountered some tugboats, of which I could take some nice pictures....

EnglishmanNoblemanSvitzer BristolSvitzer Bristol

1 May 2018: "Multratug 33" en route to Terneuzen

Today the brand-new "Multratug 33" arrived in Terneuzen. She was built in 2018 and arrived here in Terneuzen for the very first time.

Multratug 33Multratug 33Multratug 33Multratug 33

25 April 2018: "Multratug 22" pushing crane barge

Today the "Multratug 22" entered the Sloehaven in Vlissingen, pushing a crane barge owned by "Van der Straaten".

Multratug 22Multratug 22Multratug 22Multratug 22

23 April 2018: "Jaro II" passing Vlissingen

Today the tug "Jaro II" passed Vlissingen on the way to Terneuzen. "Jaro II" is owned by Emar Offshore Services, and is usually active in the port of Willemstad, Curacao.

Jaro IIJaro IIJaro IIJaro II

23 April 2018: "Multrasalvor 4" passing Vlissingen en route to Ameland

Some pictures of the "Multrasalvor 4" passing Vlissingen today, on the way to the island of Ameland. "Multrasalvor 4" is of course owned by Multratug and was formerly called "Deurloo" and "VOS Shelter".

Multrasalvor 4Multrasalvor 4Multrasalvor 4Multrasalvor 4

14 April 2018: "VB Hispania" arriving in Vlissingen with "Living Stone"

A major tug transport arriving in Vlissingen today, the "VB Hispania" with the unfinished "Living Stone" in tow. Steering tug was the German tug "Wolf 7".

VB HispaniaLiving StoneVB HispaniaWolf 7

11 April 2018: "VOS Precious" departing Vlissingen

Some pictures of "VOS Precious" departing Vlissingen. VOS of course stands for Vroon Offshore Services, and "Vos Precious" was built in 2010 and operates under the Dutch flag.

VOS PreciousVOS PreciousVOS PreciousVOS Precious

5 April 2018: "Relume" in Vlissingen

Today the "Relume" departed from the Buitenhaven in Vlissingen. "Relume" is a Heavy Maintenance and Construction Support Vessel, and operates under Bahamian flag.


18 March 2018: "Smit Seine" passing Vlissingen

Today the "Smit Seine" passed Vlissingen on her way to Antwerp to go into drydock. "Smit Seine" is a harbour tug normally operating in the port of Rotterdam.

Smit SeineSmit SeineSmit SeineSmit Seine

18 March 2018: "Fairlift" arriving in Vlissingen

Today the heavy-lift vessel "Fairlift" arrived in Vlissingen. "Fairlift" is owned by Jumbo Shipping, and was built in 1990.


13 March 2018: "En Avant 30" arriving in Vlissingen

Today the "En Avant 30" arrived in Vlissingen. "En Avant 30" is owned by Muller of Dordrecht, was built in 2011 and was previously called "Rigel".

En Avant 30En Avant 30En Avant 30En Avant 30

3 February 2018: "Multratug 32" arriving in Terneuzen for the first time

Today the brand-new "Multratug 32" arrived in Terneuzen for the first time. A special "manouevring demonstration" was held for the waiting "tugspotters"!

Multratug 32Multratug 32Multratug 32Multratug 32