Pictures and updates made in 2019...

Here you can have a look at the latest pictures we made... and other updates to the site. As I also have other things to do besides updating this website, updates may take a while to arrive!

27 June 2019: "Britoil 120" passes Vlissingen

Today the "Britoil 120" passed Vlissingen, outbound for Rotterdam. "Britoil 120" is classified as an Offshore Tug / Supply Vessel, was built in 2010, and flies the flag of Singapore.

Britoil 120Britoil 120Britoil 120Britoil 120

2 June 2019: "Bokalift 1" departing Sloehaven in Vlissingen

Today the "Bokalift 1" departed the Sloehaven, loaded with some offshore windmill foundations. "Bokalift" was converted into a crane vessel in 2017 by Boskalis.

Bokalift 1Bokalift 1Bokalift 1Bokalift 1

19 March 2019: "H-627" is shifted to the Sloehaven

Today Heerema barge H-627 was shifted from the Buitenhaven to the Sloehaven in Vlissingen. Here are some pictures of the tugs involved.

HampshireSmit SeineUnion 11Union Emerald

18 March 2019: "Bugsier 30" with Heerema barge 406 to Norway

Today the "Bugsier 30", assisted by "Carl" and "Hampshire" as steering tug, departed with Heerema barge "H-406" in tow to Norway.

CarlBugsier 30Bugsier 30Hampshire

25 February 2019: "Bobo" arriving in Vlissingen

Today the tug "Bobo" arrived in Vlissingen. "Bobo" was previously named "Njord", was built in 1956, and is owned by A. Booij, of Hoofdplaat, the Netherlands.


24 February 2019: "Bremen Fighter" arriving in Vlissingen

Today saw the arrival of the anchor-handling tug "Bremen Fighter" in Vlissingen. "Bremen Fighter" was built in 2004 and was previously called, among other names, "Primus".

Bremen FighterBremen FighterBremen Fighter

14 February 2019: "Multratug 17" arriving with Portuguese Navy vessel "Bartolomeu Dias"

Today the "Multratug 17" arrived in Vlissingen with the Portuguese frigate "Bartolomeu Dias". The vessel is to be upgraded at the Scheldepoort Shipyard, and is a former frigate of the Royal Dutch Navy.

Bartolomeu DiasMultratug 17Multratug 9Multratug 9

13 February 2019: "DMS Stork" towing "Offshore 2"

Today the "DMS Stork" departed Vlissingen with Van Oord barge "Offshore 2" in tow. DMS stands for the owners, Damen Marine Services, who offer "DMS Stork" for charter as a multi purpose workboat.

DMS StorkDMS StorkDMS StorkDMS Stork

13 February 2019: "En Avant 1" towing "WEC Mondriaan"

Today the "En Avant 1" passed Vlissingen with containership "WEC Mondriaan" in tow for Antwerpen. Steering tugs were at first "Smit Emoe", later replaced by "Union Jade".

WEC MondriaanEn Avant 1Smit EmoeUnion Jade

19 January 2019: "Giant 7" arriving in the Buitenhaven, Vlissingen

Today the "Giant 7" arrived in the Buitenhaven, towed by the "Bever", and assisted by "Multratug 27" and "Coastal Chariot". The latter is a "DP1 Ultra Shallow Draft Support Vessel".

BeverMultratug 27Giant 7Coastal Chariot

2 January 2019: "Boka Atlantis" departing Vlissingen

Today the Boskalis-owned "Boka Atlantis" departed the Buitenhaven in Vlissingen. "Boka Atlantis" is described as an offshore support & diving support vessel, and was built in 2011.

Boka AtlantisBoka AtlantisBoka AtlantisBoka Atlantis