Our latest pictures and updates....

Here you can have a look at the latest pictures we made... and other updates to the site. As I also have other things to do besides updating this website, updates may take a while to arrive!

21 September 2020: "Christos XXII" departing Vlissingen

Today the Panamanian flagged "Christos XXII" was in Vlissingen for a short visit. She was built in 1972 (!) as "Smit Enterprise". So she is no less than 48 years old!!

Christos XXIIChristos XXIIChristos XXIIChristos XXII

21 September 2020: "Union Emerald" and "Union 11" departing Vlissingen

2 more tugs leaving the Sloehaven in Vlissingen: regular visitors "Union Emerald" and "Union 11". Both now freshly painted in their new "Boluda" colours.

Union EmeraldUnion EmeraldUnion 11Union 11

12 July 2020: "MTS Vanquish" on the Thames river

Some pictures of the tug "MTS Vanquish" moored alongside a barge in the Gravesend anchorage. "MTS Vanquish" was built in 2012 and is owned by Marine Towage Services (MTS) with Falmouth as homeport.

MTS VanquishMTS VanquishMTS VanquishMTS Vanquish


12 July 2020: "Norstream" inbound on the Thames

Some pictures of RoRo cargo vessel "Norstream" inbound on the Thames, bound for the new Tilbury 2 river terminal. "Norstream" was built in 1999 and is owned by Bore Shipping of Finland.


8 July 2020: "Vos Stone" passing Vlissingen

Today the "Vos Stone" passed Vlissingen for a short visit to the Sloehaven. She is an offshore support vessel owned by Vroon Offshore Services, and was built in 2017.

Vos StoneVos StoneVos StoneVos Stone

7 July 2020: "MSC Michela" arriving at London Gateway

Today the "Wilhelmine" overtook the containervessel "MSC Michela" which was about to berth on London Gateway No.3, assisted by tugs "Svitzer Monarch" and "Svitzer London".

MSC MichelaSvitzer MonarchSvitzer LondonMSC Michela

23 June 2020: "Terneuzen" in new Boluda colours

Today we were able to make some pictures of the tug "Terneuzen" in its new Boluda colours. "Terneuzen" was built in 1991 and is owned by Multraship towage.


May 2020: Some pictures around Vlissingen

Some pictures of ships in and around the port of Vlissingen in May 2020. Here are the "Panda", "Multratug 28", "Wilson Arctic" and "Topaz Tangaroa".

PandaMultratug 28Wilson ArcticTopaz Tangaroa

5 May 2020: "Svitzer Stanford" on the Humber river

Today on the Humber river we encountered the tug "Svitzer Stanford". Here are some pictures, taken from the bridge of the "Elisabeth".

Svitzer StanfordSvitzer StanfordSvitzer StanfordSvitzer Stanford

4 May 2020: "VB Emoe" in Zeebrugge

And some pictures of the "VB Emoe" returning to tugmoorings after finishing with assistance of the LNG carrier:

VB EmoeVB EmoeVB EmoeVB Emoe

4 May 2020: "Union Koala" in Zeebrugge

Another busy day for the tugs in Zeebrugge, as they assisted another LNG-carrier. Here are some pictures of "Union Koala" returning to the tugboat moorings:

Union KoalaUnion KoalaUnion KoalaUnion Koala

2 May 2020: "Bore Song" arriving in Zeebrugge

Some pictures of "Bore Song", chartered by P&O Ferries, arriving in Zeebrugge. She normally swings in the swing basin and then backs onto the berth, passing the "Elisabeth" in the process.

Bore SongBore SongBore SongBore Song

1 May 2020: "Southampton" in Zeebrugge

And after testing its firefighting equipment the tug "Southampton" also made its way back to the tugboat moorings:


1 May 2020: "VB Kiwi" in Zeebrugge

And some more pictures from "VB Kiwi", as she was returning from the same job. Note the "Southampton" testing firefighting equipment in the background!

VB KiwiVB KiwiVB KiwiVB Kiwi

1 May 2020: "VB Tiger" in Zeebrugge

Today I made some nice pictures from the Boluda tug "VB Tiger", which was returning to its berth after assisting in the berthing of an LNG tanker.

VB TigerVB TigerVB TigerVB Tiger

30 April 2020: Tug "Serviceman" on the Humber river

Today, outbound on the Humber river, we met the tug "Serviceman". She is owned by SMS Towage and operates mainly in the ports of Hull and Immingham.


20 January 2020: "Smit Emoe" in Zeebrugge

Some pictures of "Smit Emoe" in Zeebrugge, shortly before being renamed "VB Emoe" (see post dated 4th of May). Interestingly, on the stern it only says "Emoe"!

Smit EmoeSmit EmoeSmit EmoeSmit Emoe